Piedmont (Italien)

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Golf Club La Margherita

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Among the 20 best golf clubs in Italy A technical and challenging course Conveniently close to the city of Turin


Affiliated since 1987, the Golf Club La Margherita was established as a "country club" on the initiative of a group of friends who were swept up by the enthusiasm and passion shown by two authentic local Piedmont and national-level golf legends: Luciano Roccia and Piero Cora. The veritable Golf Club was established as a result, which has grown over time by hosting national and international competitions.

The golf course is located conveniently close to the city of Turin. The competition golf course is technical and challenging. Furthermore, it is always kept in perfect condition by its qualified and competent staff. The facilities, all of which are renovated or undergoing renovation, are perfectly able to meet the needs of members and guests.


La Margherita

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Bunker d’entraînements Putting green Pitching Green
Driving Range : 25 dont 5 postes couverts, 20 postes sur herbe Unabhängige Golflehrer :
Stefano SOFFIETTI, Andrea AGHEMO, Piero PANERO, William ROSEN
Trolley Verleih Golfauto Verleih Golfschläger Verleih
Club House
Restaurant Bar Proshop Seminare / Empfänge Veranstaltungen Umkleideräume Schwimmbad
Turin, Italie
JEUDI 17 AOÛT 2017

VEN 18
32°C 23°C

SAM 19
30°C 21°C

DIM 20
28°C 17°C
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