COVID 19 - Message from top management

Dear clients,

Like many other industries, the world of golf is severely affected by the unprecedented health crisis we are going through, which is leading to exceptional and unprecedented measures.
In order to combat the spread of the COVID 19 virus, the government has decided to close all places open to the public, including in the open air.
Our facilities are therefore closed until at least April 15 and access to the site is therefore prohibited.

We are all sorry for these closings and we appreciate the frustration that it represents for you not being able to play when the season starts and the courses begin to be superb.

We continue to maintain the routes of the chain so that it is in the best conditions when we can reopen, as soon as possible we hope.

During this period, the golf courses can be contacted by email at their usual addresses.

We will keep you informed in real time of developments.

We thank you for your understanding


Laurent Boissonnas
General Manager Open Golf Club

Nicolas Boissonnas
President Open Golf Club