• 27/04/2015

    Le Trophée des Chefs du Château de la Bégude à Opio Valbonne

    It is between Valbonne and Roquefort les Pins, in a place hidden behind the large cypress-lined avenue of Château de la Bégude and the ancient trees along the Opio Valbonne that players take place in this famous Trophy on Sunday. This event combines both golf and local gastronomy. No one from our region has yet attempted this…
    In a very relaxed atmosphere, over 70 players competed over the last nine holes at Opio Valbonne. At each hole, a chef from the region gave a fast yet inventive cookery demonstration. A little appetizer, and then focus on the game.... on to the next hole! ! Players, unaccustomed to seeing chefs on the green, managed to maintain play and some even managed excellent performances… The game formula helped to make this day a true festival of both sport and haute cuisine.
    Spurred on by the Château de la Bégude team, this unusual and very cheerful day has got off to a wonderful start. At the end of the course, once the winning players had received their rewards, all gathered around a gourmet buffet.
    Fervent defenders of gastronomy and the art of living, Jorge Gonzalez, the manager of this charming hotel, and chef, Gabriel Degenne, are already planning the next event as well as various additional events to take place throughout the season (Meals prepared by 3 chefs, Jazz nights ...) as well as the expansion of La Terrasse (the lounge bar) which will be open to the public from mid-May for evening events and after-work drinks throughout the summer months.