Like its steep hills, Switzerland is full of contradictions, with French, Italian and German cultures, landscapes filled with valleys and impressive mountains, the treasures of its cultural past and the responsibilities of its international organizations, this small island in the centre of Europe is fascinating.

Golf in Switzerland

The Andermatt region is home to four of the most stunning golf courses in the Swiss Alps. Two of the most famous Swiss Alpine passes connect the three valleys where these four golf courses are found, nestled in a truly picturesque setting.
The Urserental valley in the Uri canton is home to the Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course and the Andermatt-Realp Golf Club in Realp which has an almost Scottish feel. Just behind the Oberalp pass,, where the Rhine takes its source, in the canton of Grisons, is the Sedrun Golf Club. And, after crossing the Furka pass, connecting Realp to Obergesteln, you'll find the Source du Rhône Golf Club, near the Rhone glacier, in the Valais canton.

    Golf courses / Switzerland

  • AAndermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course

    18 trous
    Switzerland - Uri
  • Golf Club Montreux

    18 trous
    Switzerland - Vaud
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