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Why choose OPEN GOLF CLUB?

When you choose OPEN GOLF CLUB, you’re in the safe hands of a group present in some of the most beautiful destinations in France and Europe, offering years of experience in managing outstanding golf courses and boutique hotels.

Our Strengths

Experience and on-site presence

– Better management practices to improve the day-to-day running of your golf club and reduce associated costs
– A marketing team who actively seek out golfers and leverage all available marketing tools
– The only golf club operator with the right blend of destinations and hotel experience to offer golf and hotel packages

Golf tourism: a growth area for golf clubs to consider

– Two million golfers in Europe are nomad golfers who regularly take golf holidays
– Golf tourism accounts for 600,000 green fees in France, 40% of them from overseas players
– The estimated average spend per golfer per day is €190
– The market is very segmented and competitive: the main specialist European tour operators offer up to 250 packages to 35 destinations (11 countries) in the medium-haul segment and 100 packages in the short-haul segment (outside of the domestic market)
– A very structured market that can only be understood by a thorough knowledge of its codes and best practices


Because sales prices cannot always increase, purchasing is the most effective way to maintain and improve a golf club’s margins.

With this in mind, OPEN GOLF CLUB has created a methodology and partnerships that aim to

– Improve margins by driving down overall purchasing costs
– Pursue innovation and quality of service (lead times, product quality, financing methods, information, after-sales service, etc.)
– Take differentiating elements into account in our approach, with a focus on a sustainable procurement policy and specific training on the products and services purchased

Our methodology

– Needs analysis
– Supplier search
– Sourcing
– Partner accreditation (technical reliability, standards, logistical capability, etc.)

By identifying best practices and leveraging our network, we can optimise your purchasing function.

Administration and Finance

Supported by a team of experts, OPEN GOLF CLUB has set up a type of monitoring service; a way of helping accounting and finance professionals improve their processes and the quality of the services provided by the administrative, accounting and finance department at each site.

– Production of information: dashboards, financial statements and tax documents
– Administrative and financial management processes for purchasing, investment and HR operations
– Provision of management ratios
– Statistics on regional activities

Helping to define tasks and agreements via the G.E.G.F (French Golf Entrepreneurs Group)

– Helping to draw up amendments to the National Golf Collective Agreement


Buoyed by its vision, OPEN GOLF CLUB has developed—along with 2GT (Global Golf Technologies)—bespoke tools to meet current challenges and focus  firmly on the future.

An IT strategy has been put in place based on the specific features of each of our markets.

Our experts have rigorously selected the essential tools for a PMS: a flexible, ergonomic, user-friendly solution that takes all requirements into consideration.

This comprehensive system is used to manage all operational aspects and any subsequent interfaces

– Front office: pro shop, catering, driving range
– Back office: invoicing, sales tracking tools
– Customer relations: emails, customer satisfaction surveys
– Online sale of green fees
– Yield management characterised by more astute management practices, even in real time


Providing facilities worthy of visiting tourists throughout the year and ensuring they meet quality standards in all areas of the game requires an excellent course maintenance programme.

Our approach

The specific features of the layout and seasonal use of the golf club are factors we consider in our pragmatic approach.
Preventing disease, respecting the environment, rising fuel prices, the cost of labour and optimising existing equipment are all subjects our experts are regularly asked about.
Our high standards translate daily into the working methods, training and best practice approach we have developed for every site in our network.

Best practices

– Development of a fertilisation plan and mechanical operations schedule
– Recommendations for a stock of equipment and its technical monitoring
– Choice of grasses, plant protection and disease prevention
– Organisation of maintenance in line with commercial constraints
– Sustainable use of water resources
– Staff and management training and the organisation of work programmes

Building, fit-out and renovation projects are regularly carried out, taking into account any best practices identified.

Marketing and Promotion

OPEN GOLF CLUB is developing a unique marketing strategy in the golf tourism sector. It is based on promoting its “golf and tourism” destinations to golfers who travel to play golf from pre-identified, high-priority source countries.

Our activities

Based on key local success factors, OPEN GOLF CLUB is working in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain and Switzerland to promote its destinations and golf clubs by leveraging all of its tourism marketing tools:

– Stands at golf trade fairs and the main European pro tournaments
– Sponsoring targeted tournaments
– Organising events: OPEN GOLF CLUB national tournament and regional trophies at its clubs (Touquet Classic Amateur, Opio Valbonne Classic, etc.)
– Press (Golf Magazine, Fairways, Journal du Golf)
– Internet: network website, regular newsletters, social media (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn)
– Reaching out to specialist golf tour operators
– Visiting clubs: distributing brochures and meeting directors

Digital Marketing

OPEN GOLF CLUB is working on a number of digital marketing activities and will provide you with the tools you need for your own online marketing strategy.

Benefit from global digital marketing operations

From an OPEN GOLF CLUB perspective

– OPEN GOLF CLUB search engine ranking using natural and paid referencing
– Expansion of online partnerships
– Network presence on social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

At an individual level

– Advertising special deals and tournaments at your golf course
– Increasing your visibility via the OPEN GOLF CLUB website and redirect links to your website

Benefit from our online marketing expertise

– Advice on web best practices (ranking, natural referencing, newsletter campaigns, social media, etc.)
– Analysis of your website or help creating it
– Awareness of CRM issues
– Help with using suggested tools

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