Our environmental commitments

Our environmental actions

Caring for the environment is a core concern in everything we do here at OPEN GOLF CLUB. We must consider the impact of phytosanitary products on the fauna and subsoil, the increasing water scarcity and the cost of energy in our daily operations in order to reconcile caring for the environment with profitability.

Our commitments

We have therefore engaged with the GEO (Golf Environment Organization) to ensure the sustainable development of our golf clubs. The approach taken by OPEN GOLF CLUB, in collaboration with GEO, is built on the desire to continuously improve our standards in the following areas:

– nature
– water
– energy
– supply chain
– preventing pollution
– community

As part of the Grenelle de l’Environnement debates, we have signed the Golf and Environment Charter and are involved in the FFGolf (French Federation of Golf) environmental committee.
As part of our maintenance programme and when investments are made, it is essential that we take into consideration the environmental factors for the planet’s health and the financial longevity of our OPEN GOLF CLUB resorts and golf clubs. Our daily challenge is to protect and promote biodiversity.

We are committed to tackling the challenge of combining caring for nature with regulatory restrictions and financial issues.

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