En Route for a golf break in Italy at the Margherita Golf Club in Piedmont

This week, Open Golf Club takes you to Italy! En route for Piedmont and its charming 18-hole golf course, named one of the top 20 most beautiful courses in Italy, and everything the surrounding area has to offer. Piedmont is located in the north-west of Italy and easily accessible from its capital, Turin.

The Margherita Golf Club is just 30 minutes from Turin, making it easy for you to explore its breath-taking heritage and countryside. This magnificent 6,062 m, par-72 course was designed by architects Marco Croze and Giorgio Ferraris. The views of the Italian Alps, Monviso in particular, will not fail to astound you.

We recommend you discover all three faces of Piedmont - the ideal combination for an unforgettable golf holiday in Italy.


Unique and accessible gastronomy

Italy's cuisine has just as much to impress the taste buds as France. A stay at the Margherita Golf Club is therefore an excellent opportunity to enjoy Italian food and discover local specialities. And, of course, golf, like any other sport, is great for working up an appetite!

You'll find dishes you know, like Valdôtaine fondue and osso buco, and typical dishes you absolutely have to try, such as:

-      The famous Piedmont salad, carne cruda all'albese or veal fillets seasoned with oil.

-      The traditional Fagiolata, a beans and sausage dish famously enjoyed during the Ivrea carnival.

-      The unique Bagna Cauda, a sauce made from garlic, oil, anchovies and various other ingredients, into which delicious regional vegetables are dipped whilst it is kept at a steady heat.

Last but not least, the September-December period is the perfect time to enjoy a huge variety of dishes made with white truffles. The Alba truffle is found in numerous recipes and also makes a delicious accompaniment to traditional tagliatelle.

But instead of continuing to list all the other gastronomic delights this region has to offer, we suggest you go there and discover them for yourself! And now, the wine!


Piedmont wine, one of the finest products of Italy's vineyards

The local cuisine hasn't persuaded you to practice your swing in Italy? Well, this region is also renowned for its wines. In fact, in this respect, Piedmont is to Italy what Bordeaux is to France.

Its excellent wines are deeply entwined in its history. Wine production dates back to the Renaissance period and its Roman heritage. The Mediterranean climate, coupled with the mountainous geography (the region's name means "the foot of the mountain"), has enabled Piedmont to develop wines of excellent quality. And with France nearby, you'll also find a number of French grape varieties. The region's leading appellations are:

●       Barbaresco DOCG

●      Barbera d'Alba DOC

●      Barbera d'Asti Superiore DOCG

●      Barolo DOCG

●      Brachetto d'Acqui DOCG

Take a look at the vineyard map to make sure you return from your golf break with a delicious bottled souvenir.


Turin to Asti, natural treasures abound

After reading this article about the Margherita Golf Club and its surroundings you will no doubt want to prolong your stay in Italy. So treat yourself to another few days golfing and make the most of them to explore this area at the foot of the Alps.

Nature lovers will be spoilt for choice. The region overflows with stunning natural attractions! To the east and north-east, you will find the Po Valley and sublime lakes like Lake Mergozzo and Lake Orta. To the west, on the Maritime Alps side, you'll find the famous Gran Paradiso National Park. We recommend mountain lovers take a moment to admire Monviso. This is the Piedmont side of Mont Rose. Along with the other peaks, it offers breath-taking views across a stunning landscape, particularly at sunset.

If, on the other hand, you are more of an urban explorer when not on the green, this region also boasts an endless list of charming and well-conserved historical towns. As well as castles, churches and other monuments. Nonetheless, we particularly recommend you explore Asti. It is home to all the best an Italian town can offer (and makes a great stopover for wine lovers).

Finally, we heartily recommend a stop in Turin. The capital is full of things to do but we are particularly fond of its museums, like the Egyptian Museum (home to one of the largest collections in the world) and the Museum of Modern Art, which is also worth a visit. If you are more traditional and short on time, take a trip to the luxurious halls of the Palazzo Reale (the first Royal Residences of the Royal House of Savoy), or the incredible halls of the Palais Madame (a former Savoy residence today listed as UNESCO world heritage). Lastly, if you have only a little time before your train or flight, take a moment to admire the Piazza Castello or the Mole Antonelliana tower and its stunning panoramic view.