Want to go on a weekend golf trip?


Looking for a weekend getaway? Fresh air? A change of scene? Or have you been seized by the desire to perfect your swing? There’s nothing like a weekend golf trip! Open Golf Club gives you the opportunity to practice your favorite activity at unforgettable and sociable locations far from the daily grind. Spending a golfing weekend with Open Golf Club means you can be sure that you will enjoy an unforgettable time with friends or a loved one in an extraordinary setting.


A wide range of destinations for your golfing weekend


Don’t know where to go for your golfing weekend? We offer a wide range of destinations in France that will delight all types of golfers. Our golf courses are exceptional, internationally renowned, and suited to all ability levels. From the Côte d’Opale to the Riviera, and in Alsace, Biarritz, the Dordogne, and Provence, come play on our golf courses and savor the lifestyle of each region during an unforgettable golfing weekend. All our locations are situated in first-class tourist regions rich in natural, historic, and cultural heritage.


Craving somewhere else for your golfing weekend? Discover the Costa del Sol in the heart of Andalusia.


A golfing weekend in luxurious accommodation

A golfing weekend is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to something special! Open Golf Club offers a selection of top-quality establishments where comfort, luxury, and relaxation will be the defining features of your stay.


Discover our special offers specially designed for your golfing weekends. Our resorts are developed for golfing weekends: Relaxation to suit everyone’s taste is just around the corner, be it at the dinner table, the pool, the spa, the golf course, or simply in remarkable surroundings.


Looking for an unforgettable getaway? Treat yourself to a golfing weekend!