The final of the 'En route pour 2018' Trophy

The final of the En route for 2018 trophy was held at the Golf National on October 21st and 22nd and regrouped the 18 qualified teams during the year 2017.


It was on the magnificent course of the Albatross Golf National that the final of the 2017 edition of the En route for 2018 trophy (organized by Open Golf Club) took place. The 18 teams of 2 players qualified during the 18 stages organized in France and Belgium between 9 April and 24 September met on Saturday morning for the first round. This Round was organized in Match Play and 4 balls games. The 18 teams had been divided into 2 groups. The Southern group of golf representing the United States, dressed in red. And the group of Northern golf courses representing Europe, dressed in blue. In total, for this first day of competition, 9 points were disputed. Each group had its captain : Jade Schaeffer, professional player on the Ladies European Tour 2017, in charge of the American team. Christian Cévaër, the ambassador of the Trophy en route for 2018, in charge of the European team.


Despite a general good weather, some rain and an omnipresent wind challenged our competitors skills. The first day ended with a score largely in favor of the United States with a 7 to 2. But the captain Christian Cévaër still believed that the next day would allow its team to get back in the race ! Sunday was still a competition with match play, but  in singles this time. 18 points had to be won.

After the traditional Gala dinner organized in the presence of Laurent Boissonnas the general manager of Open Golf Club,  at the Novotel Club House, everyone could appreciate the quality of the menu proposed by chef Nicolas Meurillon. The participants returned to their room for a well deserved rest! The next day, Sunday, a very fresh wind welcomed the players for the clinic organized at 9:00am by Christian and Jade. It was a delightful moment for the players to discover some special tricks from such golf professionals.

At 10:40am the 18 matches started without any pause for the competitors. Despite all the efforts of the European team, the “US tornado” felt on this superb Albatross course, which was the theater of the Ryder Cup in 2018.  On this second day, with a score of 14 to 4 in favor of the red team, the victory was overwhelming. At the end the victory of the USA team with 21 to 6 was total ! Congratulations to the team and its captain, Jade Schaffer.


The award ceremony took place at the Novotel and was held in a very friendly ambiance. Of course he 2 teams were rewarded. As Well as  the winners of the 8 precision competitions and the 2 drive competitions which were set up during those 2 days of sport and conviviality. In addition, 4 draws were organized. And it was in a very beautiful atmosphere that the teams returned to the four corners of France and Belgium. But with the strong desire to meet again next year in order to attend the 2018 Ryder Cup and also participate in the 2018 edition of the Open Golf Club Trophy!


Précision contest :

Men Seiko Contest : Thomas Dufour. Concours Seiko Dames : Pascale Noel

Henriot Contest: Steven Daret et Laurent Ponsaillé 

Glenfiddich Contest: Pierre Vanhoorebeke

Novotel Contest: Arnaud Pierre Malinvaud

Decayeux Contest: Charles Decok

Golf Magazine Contest: Emiel Van Geet

Drive Contest

Dames Gras Savoye Berger Simon : Pascale Noel
Messieurs Gras Savoye Berger Simon 
Contest : Emiel Van Geet

The draws:
A stay of 2 nights at Domaine des Remparts à Marrakech : Jean Jacques Dufour
6 months subscription to Golf Magazine : Pierre Vanhoorebeke and Jean Rousseau. 1 year subscription to Golf Magazine Figaro Premium and a Mauboussin parfume offer by le Figaro Golf : Renaud Clément.


See you next year !



Finale Results


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