Covid-19 Information – Our golf facilities, reception, driving range and restaurant are closed until further notice in France. For the other countries : Belgium, Spain and Switzerland our golf clubs are open.

Discover our 2 outstanding golf clubs in Switzerland

Like its steep landscapes, valleys and impressive mountains, Switzerland is a paradox of many different cultures: French, Italian, German and Romansch. This ‘island’ in the middle of Europe, with its rich cultural history, is fascinating. Whether you prefer towns or mountains, this country has everything to satisfy you with the historic town centres that are genuine outdoor masterpieces as well as the UNESCO world heritage-listed sites that you will encounter on your walks.

Switzerland boasts 95 golf clubs and provides a great challenge for golf enthusiasts thanks to its diverse landscapes.
OPEN GOLF CLUB has 2 golf clubs in Switzerland: 1 in the Swiss Alps with the Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course and 1 in the Vaud region with the Golf Club Montreux.

All our golf clubs in Switzerland

  • The golf course(s 18 holes Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course

    Located near the village of Andermatt, the Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course welcomes you into the heart of the Swiss Alps with its challenging, mountainous setting.

  • The golf course(s 18 holes Golf Club Montreux

    Located near Montreux, Golf Club Montreux features an outstanding setting surrounded by mountains which create a microclimate with mild temperatures year round.

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