Golf and business: a story of passion

THE LINKS by OPEN GOLF CLUB is passionate about golf and provides entrepreneurs, managers and senior executives with its expertise as a business facilitator to offer exclusive, innovative experiences on outstanding golf clubs: Morfontaine, Chantilly-Vineuil, Pro-Am at Golf des Yvelines and Saint-Germain.

THE LINKS network advantages:

– A network of over 120 decision-makers
– More than 30 annual events
– Preferential access to over 39 outstanding golf courses

Take part in a 4-event series and invite your clients, partners and friends to prestigious golf clubs in the Paris region. Use this opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs and senior executives.

These events are organised at four golf clubs, including three ranked amongst the Continental European Top 100, with a half-day format or a longer format for those interested.
We recommend putting together a team of two or four players so you can enjoy a social, golf-filled business experience.

2020 Calendar

  • 30 June 2020 | Golf de Morfontaine
  • 04 September 2020 | Golf de Chantilly-Vineuil
  • 08 October 2020 | Pro-Am at Golf des Yvelines
  • 21 October 2020 | Golf de Saint-Germain
Golf de Morfontaine
Golf de Chantilly-Vineuil
Golf des Yvelines
Golf de Saint-Germain

Head to the Opal Coast for a memorable experience at two outstanding clubs in the OPEN GOLF CLUB network: Le Touquet Golf Resort and Golfs d’Hardelot.
Stay in our stunning boutique hotel, the 3-star Manoîr Hotel, and discover Les Dunes course at Hardelot and La Mer course at Le Touquet.

2020 Calendar

  • Le Touquet Golf Resort and Golfs d'Hardelot | 26 & 27 September 2020

Enjoy an urban event with other entrepreneurs and senior executives in a private setting with a lounge atmosphere, where you can chat and network in a social way around the defined theme.

This corporate card gives you access to 39 outstanding courses throughout the OPEN GOLF CLUB network, as well as preferential terms.

European tailoring shop John Haston makes high-end suits. In recent years, the company has focused its expertise on producing bespoke shirts and suits.

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Creating champagne for over 200 years, Billecart Salmon specialises in producing outstanding champagnes.

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Arno Roch, an events company, delivers turn-key events for companies and individuals featuring gourmet, chic buffets and cocktails.

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The Buzz Cup competition is organised by OPEN GOLF CLUB and takes place in 9 stages. This competition is reserved for Corporate Golf Sections and Associations. It is an opportunity to create employee and member loyalty in order to cultivate and boost team spirit through golf. The Buzz Cup trophy is awarded to the team with the best raw score. This trophy is defended each year.


For further information, please contact our Corporate Development Manager
Florence Martineau Paoli

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