The Aix Region

The Aix region is a place of charm and contrasts where you can discover majestic creeks, the charming city of Marseille or the pedestrian streets of Aix en Provence unless you were tempted by a walk in the massif of Saint Victoire on the tracks of Cézanne.
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Marseille is an exception in Provence. Established in 600 before JC by Greek sailors of Phocée, it is the most ancient French big city. City of contrast with its old districts (The “Panier” near the old harbor), its bright ledge in front of the sea, its wild creeks which dive into waters of a deep blue on 20 km of coast up to Cassis, Marseille shines on Provence. From Notre Dame de la Garde, patron saint of the sailors, 162m above the sea, one can go to Estaque on the tracks of Cézanne or to La Treille at the feet of the hills of Pagnol. Marseille can also be discovered from the open sea (Iles du Frioul with the If Castle).

Aix en Provence

City of water, city of art, in the imagination of each the city built itself and always develops around this double identity (museums, fountains, ancient country-houses and gardens). But Aix is also a city which knows how to mix time periods and cultures. Opened on the world, it is a human-sized city where a protected heritage harmoniously coexists with the modernity of the city.